Silicon Carbide Carving Blocks, Soft Binder, Small Size


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Silicon Carbide Carving Blocks:  The individual blocks are $5.50 each or $19.00 for the set of four blocks.

Grit sizes available:  220, 400, 600 & 1200 grit

Size:  Small, 6″ long x 1/2″ wide x 1/4″ high

Binder Hardness:  Soft.  This allows the blocks to conform to the shape of the carving after just a few strokes.

Designed to:  Hand sand carvings.  Remove rotary tool marks from stone carvings.  Smooth curves on stone carvings.

1.  Wet the sanding block and stone with water.  Periodically add water to keep the slurry from going dry.
2.  If a carving has been finished to 600 grit on hard tools (grinding wheels, burrs, etc) use 600 grit silicon carbide blocks to remove tool marks and smooth curves.  
  Continue to finish with 1200 grit silicon carbide blocks.  For a satin finish one can stop after using the 600 or 1200 grit silicone carbide blocks or one can continue to the polishing stage(s).
4.  Grinding wheels can be used to shape these blocks to get into intricate areas.
5.  Wash your hands and work before moving to finer grits to avoid contamination.

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