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2023 Tools Catalog


We will be away at a show from July 11th to July 17th.  We will start shipping again on July 18th, 2023

The new 2023 Diamond Tool Catalog can be downloaded now.  It is in pdf format, Just click on the link above.

We will be at the Pueblo Gem Show from  January 26 - February 7, 2023.  See our Events drop down for more information. As usual we will have a lot of bargains on the close out table.  They go quickly so see us early in the show.

Shipping Information:

We ship Monday through Friday via US Postal Service Priority Mail.We ship internationally:  The shipping plugin for our web site does not work for international shipments.  Please email a list of items you want and we will send a shipping quote to you.  If acceptable we will send a PayPal invoice to you that includes the international shipping charges.  If you do not have a PayPal account you can use your credit card through PayPal to pay the invoice.


Welcome to

David Clayton began scuba diving for jade in the Pacific ocean off the Big Sur coast of California in 1969.  He learned lapidary work in the early 70‘s and subsequently applied these methods to sculpting the jades he had collected.  David founded Gems & Jade ( in 1997.  As a jade carver, David uses the diamond tools he offers on  He offers consulting advice to his clients on techniques and tools for working jade. provides high quality diamond tools for the lapidary, sculpturing, stone, glass, tile, welding, manufacturing and space industries.  David custom designs many of the diamond tools found on the website. offers jade sculptures, jade boulders, and jade rough from around the world.  He specializes in nephrite jade from Siberia, Wyoming, California, and jadeite from Burma (now referred to as Myanmar).  Hand-picked gemstones and beautiful jewelry, including extraordinary jade jewelry, are also available on this site.


  1. Prices on this web site and catalog do not include shipping charges or sales tax to California destinations.
  2. Payment methods accepted; Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard, Wire Transfers and PayPal.
  3. International clients: Please contact us for a shipping quote for your order.
  4. Custom tool designs can be offered for large quantity purchases.
  5. Items on the web site and catalog are subject to prior sale.
  6. We reserve the right to vary the specifications and dimensions of our products without notice.


  1. The beautiful white jade baby at the top of this page with the header of "Award Winning Jade Sculptures" was carved by Georg Schmerholz. David Clayton supplied the Siberian white jade rough for this carving. This sculpture may be available for sale. Contact us if you are interested.
  2. The tendral pendant on the left side of the picture at the top of this page with the header of "Unique Jade Carvings" was carved by David Clayton.
  3. The two jade pendants pictured under the header "Welcome to" were carved by David Clayton.
  4. The Spessartite Garnet in the ring in the picture at the top of this page with the heading "Stunning Jewelry & Rare Jades" was faceted by David Clayton.
  5. The Siberian River Jade sculpture on the right side of the picture at the top of this page with the heading "All the fine jade rough you will need for your own projects" was carved by David Clayton.
  6. The two dragon pendants, the first and fifth pendants from the left side of the picture at the bottom of this page with the heading "Upcoming Events" were carved by Georg Schmerholz.
  7. The Melon and Vessel pendants, the second and fourth pendants from the left side of the picture at the bottom of this page with the heading "Upcoming Events" were carved by Deborah Wilson.