California Botryoidal Jade, BOJ12


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California Botryoidal Jade, BOJ12:  This is a natural botryoidal jade specimen from California.  Botryoidal jades from the central coast in California are rare.  Most are now found in old collections.  The nice Botryoidal jades from this region typically have translucent bubbles.  Botryoidal jades found in the inland areas of California and in Washington and Oregon typically  have opaque bubbles.  Translucent bubble jades are usually more valuable.

The weight is approximately:  5.6 ounces

The dimensions* are approximately:  2-1/4″x2-1/4″x1-3/8″
*Note that the dimensions are the longest dimensions for each measured dimension of the stone.


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in