3pc Pneumatic Drum Sanding Set


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3pc Pneumatic Sanding Drum Set:  3/8″ Shafts

Drum sizes included in the set:  Small 1-3/4”Dia x 2-1/2”L, Medium 2-1/2”Dia x 3-5/8”L , Large 3-3/4”Dia x 5-3/8”L

Notes:  1. To use simply slip the sanding belt on the drum and inflate the drum with one or two pumps of air from a bicycle tire pump to secure the belt to the drum.  2. To change belts release the air from the drum and slide off the belt.  3. The advantage of these pneumatic drums instead of standard flexible drums is that they do not have to be spun at 1725rpm for the drum to grab the belt.  These belts can be run at low speeds which allows much more control of your sanding process.  4. We stock silicon carbide sanding belts for these drums (available separately) in 80, 120, 240, 400 & 600 grit sizes.  These belts can be used wet or dry.

Cautions: Maximum Speed and Inflations Ratings: Small 1-3/4”D x 2-1/2”L  9000rpm, 17psi, Medium 1/2”D x 3-5/8”L 7000rpm, 7psi, Large 3-3/4”D x 5-3/8”L, 5000rpm, 15psi.  Always wear an appropriate mask so you do not breath in particulates and harmful vapors. Always wear hand and body protection. Failure to adhere to these cautions may result in serious injury or death.  

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