Diamond Sintered Saw Blade, 19mm Diameter x .3mm, 120/140g, 3/32″ Shaft


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Varenkor Diamond Sintered Saw Blade:  19mm (~3/4″) Diameter, 3/32″ (2.35mm) Shaft

Grit size:  120/140 grit

Width of Blade:  ~.3mm

Sintered Diamond Saw Blades:  These saw blades have diamond imbedded in matrix that extends almost down to the shaft.
Consequently they last a very long time.  They are manufactured to precision standards in Europe so they run amazingly smooth.

Cautions:  Maximum Speed Rating:  10000rpm.  When using these saw blades insert them all the way into the chuck or collet.  These are thin blades, do not try to change directions or flex the blade when using (doing so will cause the blade to break causing it to send pieces of the blade spinning off at high speeds. Do not start the saw blade at a speed higher than 500rpm.   After attaining the starting speed increase to the desired speed but not faster than the rated speed of the burr.  Starting burrs at higher speeds, especially with high torque micromotors, can cause the shaft to bend at right angles which is dangerous.  Always wear safety goggles.  Always wear an appropriate mask so you do not breath in particulates and harmful vapors.  Always wear hand and body protection.  Failure to adhere to these cautions may result in serious injury or death.

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